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Mitsubishi Launches New Business Meeting Projectors

Mitsubishi has just launched two brand new projectors that seem to be perfect for your company’s small meeting or conference room. The devices come to you as the XD36OU-EST and WD38OU-EST projectors, which are the latest installments in Mitsubishi’s EST Series.

Both the XD36OU-EST and WD38OU-EST feature lenses with large diameters as well as unique optical design results in order to deliver very clear, large images from short distances. The WD38OU-EST is the more powerful with a 3,000:1 contrast ratio and 2,800 lumen output. The XD36OU-EST has the same 3,000:1 contrast ratio with a slightly less 2,500 lumen output.

The high lumen output allows both devices to put out bright images in normally lit rooms, making them perfect for business meetings. In addition to that, the 28db fan ensures that your audience is not interrupted by loud noises coming from the device during your presentation.

The EST Series features a range of connectivity options, and these two new devices are no different. Both feature VGA, USB, LAN and wireless LAN connections for inputs and each projector can also show up to four PC inputs simultaneously if used on a network. In addition to that, you can also use a wireless mouse or keyboard for remote operation.

If that wasn’t enough for you, the EST series also comes with the option of Visual PA functionality. This permits network administrators to broadcast short messages simultaneously via all the projectors on the network. A feature like this could be very useful in a meeting setting where it is necessary for every attendee to be well-informed.

Source: Projector Point – Mitsubishi Electric launches new projectors

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