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Epson PowerLite Pilot Makes Cable Management Simple and Clean

PowerLite PilotEpson has recently announced the PowerLite Pilot Connection and Control Box. This device, as Epson puts it, is a solution that offers extensive control of multimedia sources that are connected to projectors. The PowerLite Pilot gives you the ability to have one convenient place to connect and manage audio and video sources like computers, DVD players, iPods or anything else you want to connect.

In addition to that, Epson is also offering two optional accessories. You can get either a wireless pendant microphone that has an IR receiver module as well as an IR dome sensor. The other accessory you can get is a set of two external speakers which deliver 30 watts of sound with a built-in amplifier. Both of these, like I said, are free when you get the Epson PowerLite Pilot.

The PowerLite Pilot is a box that can be mounted on a wall and has large buttons as well as a cable cover that create a clean, organized look and also help with chaotic cables. The PoweLite Control Box is designed to mount on the wall directly next to the projector screen for easy accessibility.

There are various input and output connections including HDMI, two VGA with corresponding Audio input/output, S-Video with Audio, AUX audio, USB Type A, USB Type B and Record out. The PowerLite Pilot also allows the selection of audio mute and volume adjustment for optional speakers or microphones.

Considering that these devices provide a central point for all source cables to connect, business professionals now have the flexibility to integrate a wide range of multimedia devices into their business meetings that may have been too difficult to do before now. The PowerLite Pilot also has an iPod/Epson interactive pen holder which attaches to the side of the box.

The PowerLite Pilot will be available towards the end of June and should cost around $250. Optional speakers will be available for $150 and the optional wireless microphone can be purchased for $450.

Source: PC Mag – Epson Announces PowerLite Pilot to Manage Projector Cables and Connections

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