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Panasonic Debuts World’s First Lamp-Free 1080p Projectors

Panasonic PT-RZ470Panasonic has just unveiled a new projector that, on the surface, sounds impossible. That’s because Panasonic’s new device is the first ever 1080p lamp-free projector series with HDBaseT technology. This new projector series replaces your conventional lamp with new LED/laser diodes that are boosted by Panasonic’s proprietary technologies that offer long-lasting high brightness of more than 3,000 lumens.

The new projectors, which come as the single-chip DLP PT-RZ470 and PT-RZ370 Series, will be made available in two different resolutions: full 1080p HD (1,920 x 1,080) and WXGA (1,280 x 800) with capabilities that were previously impossible with conventional projector lamps.

These new projectors pair an LED/laser light source with Panasonic’s installation flexibility, including lens shift capabilities, which marks a new milestone in projector technology. This allows the projectors to provide users with continuous high brightness and professional grade features, including Edge Blending and Color Matching.

This new technology has also allowed Panasonic to enrich the projector usage experience for different environments, like the educational industry, as well as for professional applications, like museums, digital signage, conferences or other large corporate events.

In addition to that, the new lighting technology delivers up to 20,000 hours of virtually maintenance-free operation. As a result of this convenience, operating costs for the projectors¬†are significantly less than conventional lamp projectors because you don’t have to worry about periodic labor and the associated cost that comes with it.

According to Panasonic, the PT-RZ470 and PT-RZ370 Series projectors will be available through authorized Panasonic resellers beginning in the fourth quarter of 2012. The series will have basic 3-year limited parts and labor warranties with light source operation warranted for more than 10,000 hours. Unfortunately, there has yet to be any word on pricing for either projector.

Source: Market Watch – Panasonic Develops World’s First*(1) 1080p Lamp-Free Professional Projectors with HDBaseT(TM) Technology

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