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Christie and Magor Communications Team Up

ChristieChristie, a leader in projection systems and digital display solutions, has just picked the Magor TeleCollaboration HDWorkPlace family as its visual collaboration infrastructure. The HDWorkPlace family improves how effective video-based meetings are by integrating advanced visual collaboration capabilities into a peer-to-peer, HD video conferencing experience. This new project includes six installations that will utilize Christie digital projectors as well as Christie Spyder video processors.

Christi was aiming to improve communication and collaboration between its departments across the globe as well as with its worldwide partners and suppliers which, according to company officials with Christie, is why the company chose to go with Magor. It aimed to make HD visual collaboration calls anywhere in the world over any network. Magor also recognizes the importance of correct information for decision making.

According to Christie’s IT Director Ashish Kudsia, “Providing our global offices with an easy to use, rich visual collaboration experience that speeds up and enhances decision making and raises productivity was a key priority for us. After evaluating our options, the Magor TeleCollaboration system stood out for its flexible peer-to-peer architecture, which allows us to bring subject matter experts and critical information into visual collaboration meetings on an ad-hoc, as needed basis.”

Kudsia went on to say, “In addition to reducing travel costs, deploying the Magor TeleCollaboration solutions in combination with Christie’s own world-class projection and video processing products has improved our day-to-day business operations and increased our overall efficiency.”

Ken Davison, Vice President of Marketing for Magor Communications, said, “We are proud to add a pioneering global visual technology company like Christie to our customer roster. We look forward to working with Christie to further its competitive position by connecting its employees, partners and suppliers – and the valuable information they have on their desktops and in their personal workspaces – through innovative visual collaboration solutions.”

Source: infoTECH – Projector Lamps: Magor Improves Communication for Christie

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Technology’s Role in Strategic Meeting Management

meeting technologyIf you want to have a strategic meeting management program then you definitely need to be well versed on the latest technology. Thankfully, the Groups and Meetings Committee of the National Business Travel Association has addressed this in a new white paper which is the fifth in the group’s “Framework of Success” series on meeting management issues.

The first part of the 11-page paper is titled “Choosing the Right Technology in Support of Your Strategic Meetings Management Program”.It discusses how technology facilitates all the different elements of an SMMP. It includes everything from cost-avoidance reports to proper meeting approvals. A simplified version from the author states that an SMMP should do a few things specifically:

  • Collect Meeting Data. This should include expenses across departments in order to report a consolidated view of your company’s meeting activity which can then be analyzed by vendor and meeting type.
  • Automatically notify legal or procurement departments if RFPs are of a certain size.
  • Include a searchable supplier database that can easily be found online which directs users to your company’s preferred suppliers.
  • Create a full slate of reports both customizable and standard.
  • Integrate with your company’s meeting-planning software for attendee registration and housing or, at least, have these capabilities itself.
  • Route meeting requests through the approval process and track meetings that do not receive the approvals necessary.
  • Help planners create, submit and compare RFPs as well as save all of the bids for future references.

Aside from that, the paper also considers the best practices when buying or even building a tech system. Overall, the author leans more towards the off-the-shelf systems. According to the author, “In recent years, with more visible products on the market and a growing understanding of the overall cost to maintain such systems, it has become widely considered a best practice to buy an SMMP technology solution, rather than build one.”

The paper talks about key selection criteria, including security, the ability of integration with other company systems, scalability, brand issues and ease of use as well as support for the customer as all things you should take into consideration when researching a potential meeting management technology.

Source: Meetings Net

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Collaborative Meeting Technology

Meeting CollaborationCollaboration in meetings is key, but it isn’t always easy. There are many different collaborative technologies that have been designed to help groups work with computer-based information in the meeting room. By utilizing such technology, widely dispersed work teams can share information without a hitch. With so many organizations focusing on teamwork today (and with good reason) easy access to all the vital information is what can help you succeed or fail.

One such technology is the SMART Board interactive whiteboard. This device allows you to access computer-based information directly from the meeting room and even record meeting information using a simple whiteboard interface. The board can improve not only your meetings but also the general productivity of your entire team.

The SMART Board Interactive whiteboard gives you control of computer-based information as well as the capability of the whiteboard you are familiar with all at your fingertips. It has a touch sensitive surface so when you project onto it you can control it by touching the surface of the board. Your finger becomes the equivalent of a mouse on a computer. If you want to open a Microsoft Windows document all you have to do is press the open document button on the whiteboard. Double-tap an application’s icon to run it or to do a number of other interactive things.

Another cool thing is the fact that since the SMART Board is pressure sensitive, you can pick up a dry-erase marker or interactive pen and write on the board. Your text will then be projected in digital ink from the projector. You can see what you have written on the SMART Board because the projector is projecting the computer monitor image onto the board.

There are a lot of benefits to using the SMART Board interactive whiteboard. It gives you access to important documents whenever you need them, allows you to deliver a presentation from the head of the room where you are the most effective, allows you to make changes to CAD/CAM drawings, documents or spreadsheets during the meeting as an immediate result of group collaboration and discussion, allows you to access live web sites during your meeting or even connect via Microsoft NetMeeting software to your colleagues in another location allowing notes and other information to be seen by others in a different location.

If you are looking for a great piece of technology to make collaborating within your meeting easier and more interactive then the SMART Board interactive whiteboard is definitely a good investment.

Source: Effective Meetings

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