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LiteShow III Wireless Adapter from InFocus Helps with Meeting Room Collaboration

InFocus LiteShow IIIInFocus has just released a new wireless adapter that has the ability to transform a typical projector from flatscreen into a wireless and networked display. Known as the LiteShow III wireless adapter, this device is designed to work with any brand of projector, flat panel or other type of display with a VGA input in order to share data, audio and video over secure wireless connections at speeds as fast as 150Mbps with a range of up to 91m.

The good news is that this adapter is compatible with most operating systems including Windows 7, Mac, iPhones and Windows Mobile. There is a collaboration feature that allows a room full of people using computers or other wireless devices, like a smartphone or tablet, to connect to a single display.

Up to four screens can be shown simultaneously and the LiteShow III can be used in one of three secure configurations: wireless display only, wireless display and Internet connection or wireless display, Internet and secure network access.

If a projector or some other type of display is connected with the LiteSHow III and also connected to a network, any computer on the network can connect to the LiteShow III display and share virtual information. And if that wasn’t enough for you, people in the meeting can also collaborate by utilizing the LiteShow III USB drive which easily makes a direct connection to the display without having to install any software. The LiteShow III also provides on-board video decoding to allow HD video and audio output.

This is definitely a device designed to make collaborating in the meeting room a lot easier for everyone involved.

Source: INAVATE – Infocus Releases Wireless Adapter for Collaboration

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