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Epson Home Cinema 2040 and 2045 Best In Class

When you look at them both from a features standpoint, the Home Cinema 2040 and Home Cinema 2045 projectors from Epson are basically identical. The only real difference is the fact that the 2045 has Miracast, which allows you to talk to the projector wirelessly from devices compatible with Miracast, including tablets, computers, and smartphones. With that being said, whatever you want to accomplish on one projector can be completed on the other thanks to the built-in MHL on one of the HDMI ports. This allows you to use a streaming stick or connect directly to a tablet or other device. The only benefit to Miracast on the 2045 is that this connection is wireless, which does have its own advantages.

The 2040 has a lot to brag about, especially where its image processing is concerned. The 2040, to nobody’s surprise, does 3D and, even on a 100″ screen, the 3D remains bright. A lot of projectors that are focused on being a “theater room” projector usually lack in overall brightness but try to make the same claim. Epson has a pretty nice detail enhancement feature that is pretty good though it isn’t as fancy as the full Super-Resolution package. Super-Resolution does show up on some of Epson’s projectors though they are about 3x the price of the 2040.

One good thing about both of these projectors is that they both have Creative Frame Interpolation (CFI), otherwise known as smooth motion, which is terribly hard to find on a projector that costs less than $1,000. CFI is usually used on sports more than general TV, and a lot of projector fans don’t like CFI on their 24fps movies. So you can imagine that a projector like the 2040 will most likely be used for watching sports or general HDTV as opposed to in a dark room for watching movies. Regardless, you’d rather have CFI on something like the 2040 instead of a projector that costs you $3,000. The 2040 also comes with rather good color right out of the box. In most cases, you’re using Cinema or Bright Cinema modes or their 3D projector equivalents. This projector is also good at revealing dark shadow details though the black levels are not as good as the color.

When it comes to the warranty, you’re getting a pretty good deal, especially for the price. The warranty for the 2040 is 2 years with 2 years of rapid replacement service. A lot of projectors at this price range only have 1-year parts and labor warranties, though ViewSonic beats out everyone with a 3-year warranty. In terms of hardware, there is a manual zoom lens with an expected amount of zooming capabilities and keystone correction. In addition to that, this projector only weighs 5.7 pounds, so you can easily transport it wherever you want, and there is also a built-in speaker and audio out.

These projectors are good, all-around projectors for the family. If you want a nice little projector that comes with no hassles, an easy setup, and a warranty that is better than most others than the Home Cinema 2040 or Home Cinema 2045 may be the projectors you’re looking for. The feature sets are great and these projectors are perfect for simple plug-and-play operations, and the CFI is an added bonus. Oh, and did I mention that they both won Best in Class – Value awards? You can get the Home Cinema 2040 from Epson for $799 and the Home Cinema 2045 for $849.

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The Top 5 Business Projectors Of 2015

The Best Business Projectors of 2015The office projector. It can make meetings and projects really amazing, but it can also hold things up, especially if you have a complicated projector or someone who simply doesn’t know what they are doing. With business professionals becoming increasingly busier, there is less time than ever when it comes to our daily schedules.


Despite this fact, a lot of companies continue to use cheap projectors. They don’t do any research on the products and invest in something that causes more stress than productivity in the long run. Thankfully, 2015 has offered us up some really great office projectors. Now is as good a time as any to upgrade that old projector in the conference room into something that fits with your modern staff in these modern technological times. Here are the Top 5 Business Projectors of 2015.

Epson’s EX7235 Pro

This projector is perfect if your meetings are never in the same location twice. This projector weighs in at 5.29 pounds and measures 11.7″ x 9.0″ x 3.0″. In addition to that, this projector also supports USB, WiFi, VGA, HDMI, and mobile MHL connectivity. This projector offers easy mobility along with easy use. Booting and choosing your input source takes about 30 seconds. A 3,000-lumen lamp is just the icing on the cake.

Optoma’s ML550

This one may not be the smallest projector out there, but it does have a lot more power than some of the other Pico projectors on the list. The ML550 is extremely portable, weighing in at 0.83 pounds and measuring 4.1″ x 4.2″ x 1.5″. The 550-lumen lamp is the real kicker here, allowing you to project in complete darkness.

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Epson’s EB-X11

The EB-X11 is a good, middle-of-the-pack, projector. It measures 11.6″ x 11.9″ x 3.0″ and weighs 5.1 pounds. One particular feature that a lot of users will enjoy is the lens cover that instantly shuts off the lamp and speakers. The lamp itself has a rating of 2600 lumens though the projector is not without its flaws. The projector only has a 4:3 aspect ratio and photos don’t have the sharpest resolution. In addition to that, the USB port can only handle photos and the projector doesn’t have a WiFi option.

Philips’ PicoPix PPX2055

This projector is shockingly small, even compared to other Pico projectors. This one measures in at 2.8″ x 2.8″ x 1.1″ and only weighs a quarter of a pound. This could be a great way to surprise unsuspecting employees with a meeting they were unaware of. Setup with this projector is very easy and you can display almost any content on it. Power is drawn via USB, though there have been reports of this projector not working well with the MacBook Air, plus you’ll need a completely black room in order for the 55-lumen lamp to produce an image you are able to see.

ViewSonic’s Pro8600 & Pro8520HD

If you typically have meetings in bright rooms, or price isn’t a huge factor, then this is the projector for you. The Pro8600 weighs 8.5 pounds and measures 13.1″ x 10.4″ x 4.3″ ith the Pro8520HD weighing 8.5 pounds and measuring 13.1″ x 10.4″ x 4.8″. Both of these projectors run very loud and bright with the Pro8600 having a 6000-lumen output and the Pro8520HD having a 5000-lumen output. Neither projector is particularly good with USB though both have HDMI slots with the Pro8520HD having 2.

If you or your company is in the market for a new projector for your conference room, then one of these 5 projectors are sure to satisfy your needs. Granted, these may not be the best projectors of all time, but they are the best ones that have come out this year.

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Epson’s MegaPlex Digital Dock Projector Driven by iOS

Epson MegaPlex Digital Dock ProjectorMacworld | iWorld 2012 saw imaging company Epson set up a large area on the second floor in order to debut its newest product, the MegaPlex Digital Dock Projector. Epson is known primarily for its projectors and projector technology, as well as for its printers and printer technology. However, the MegaPlex Digital Dock Projector is the company’s first technology that is completely driven by an iOS device.

The MegaPlex Digital Dock Projector is your average portable projector with its specialty being that it also comes complete with an iOS dock connector on the back. This allows you to plug in your iPad, iPhone, iPod or other iDevice into the dock, which then allows any app that allows you to send video to be projected onto a large screen, wall or any flat surface.

Epson will be offering two different versions of the MegaPlex Digital Dock Projector, one priced at $699 and one priced at $799. The main difference is in the display quality. The more expensive model will feature a 720p HD video output at 2,800 lumens with the cheaper model offering 540p video output at 2,200 lumens.

In addition to that, there is a panel of standard video inputs on the side which includes RCA, S-Video, VGA and HDMI. This allows you to connect nearly any type of device to the projector, like a laptop or desktop computer. One downside is the lack of a handle, which limits the portability of the device though it is still very good for showing movies or presentations directly from an iOS device.

There is, unfortunately, no audio out to hook up to an external speaker. You could just as easily use the audio jack on the iOS device that you have connected but then it would lack the professionalism and clean look that you may want. Regardless, there is still something cool about seeing an iPad projected on a wall. If you are looking for a low cost projector that comes complete with iOS integration, this may be the device that you are looking for.

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Epson’s New PowerLite 96W Projector

Epson PowerLite 96WEpson’s new PowerLite 96W is a nice multimedia projector designed with the classroom or meeting room in mind. There are a lot of different features on the projector that make it perfect for any type of presentation situation and it even has the ability to be connected to a LAN, run presentations from a USB drive or control other projectors connected to the same internet network.

The light source for this projector, which is based on the 3LCD technology that Epson pioneered, outputs 2,700 lumens while the projector also provides a WXGA resolution with a 16:10 aspect ratio. Physical dimensions of the device measure 4.2″ x 13.6″ x 10.3″ with the projector weighing in at 7.2lbs. The projector also features a manual focus as well as zoom wheels that you can access via an indention above the lens.

There are also a ton of ports on this device too. All in all, the PowerLite 96W comes with VGA-in (2), monitor-out VGA (1), HDMI-in (1), RCA (3) for Composite Video and Audio, S-Vide0 (1), USB (1), RS-232 (1), Ethernet (1) and microphone jack (1). This should cover pretty much anything you need to do with this device but if not, I’m sure there is an adapter out there somewhere.

Reports on this projector note that this device is definitely made for viewing still images and not long video clips. It does seem to handle short video clips ok but screening a full-length movie would not be advisable due to loss of detail over time and posterization. Sound quality is also adequate with the device’s built-in 16W speaker.

With all the connectivity options, as well as internet connectivity via LAN or WiFi and the ability to accept input from multiple computers, the PowerLite 96W is a fairly good projector for use in small or medium meeting rooms as well as classrooms. Presentations run smoothly and the ability to play a few video clips just adds to the accessibility of the overall product.

Source: PC Mag – Epson PowerLite 96W Multimedia Projector

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Epson PowerLite Pilot Makes Cable Management Simple and Clean

PowerLite PilotEpson has recently announced the PowerLite Pilot Connection and Control Box. This device, as Epson puts it, is a solution that offers extensive control of multimedia sources that are connected to projectors. The PowerLite Pilot gives you the ability to have one convenient place to connect and manage audio and video sources like computers, DVD players, iPods or anything else you want to connect.

In addition to that, Epson is also offering two optional accessories. You can get either a wireless pendant microphone that has an IR receiver module as well as an IR dome sensor. The other accessory you can get is a set of two external speakers which deliver 30 watts of sound with a built-in amplifier. Both of these, like I said, are free when you get the Epson PowerLite Pilot.

The PowerLite Pilot is a box that can be mounted on a wall and has large buttons as well as a cable cover that create a clean, organized look and also help with chaotic cables. The PoweLite Control Box is designed to mount on the wall directly next to the projector screen for easy accessibility.

There are various input and output connections including HDMI, two VGA with corresponding Audio input/output, S-Video with Audio, AUX audio, USB Type A, USB Type B and Record out. The PowerLite Pilot also allows the selection of audio mute and volume adjustment for optional speakers or microphones.

Considering that these devices provide a central point for all source cables to connect, business professionals now have the flexibility to integrate a wide range of multimedia devices into their business meetings that may have been too difficult to do before now. The PowerLite Pilot also has an iPod/Epson interactive pen holder which attaches to the side of the box.

The PowerLite Pilot will be available towards the end of June and should cost around $250. Optional speakers will be available for $150 and the optional wireless microphone can be purchased for $450.

Source: PC Mag – Epson Announces PowerLite Pilot to Manage Projector Cables and Connections

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