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BenQ’s SP890 Presentation Projector

BenQ SP890There has been an increasing demand in the workplace recently for high resolution data projectors. One such projector is the SP890 from BenQ. The SP890 is a 4,000 lumen 1080p DLP projector which is specifically designed for use in presentations and meetings. Where this device differs from other 1080p projectors is that it has a 50,000:1 contrast ratio which makes it perfect for displaying pictures and other images on a big screen. The color is more accurate as well and a 1.5:1 zoom with an H/V lens shift makes installation really easy. Dual 5W speakers are great for a conference room setting.

There are a lot of great features with the SP890 that make it stand out above some of the other projectors of its kind currently on the market. Like I mentioned above, the SP890 has a resolution of 1920×108 giving you full 1080p HD. It also has a max lumen output of 4,000 lumens which is far greater than your typical 1080p projector. There is a 50,000:1 contrast ratio and the black levels are very impressive. Shadow detail is extremely well-defined and high-contrast scenes are presented accurately. Foregrounds seem to pop out of backgrounds and you get a clear sense of depth in high-contrast material.

In terms of color, the SP890 has a Red Gain of 49, Green Gain of 53, Blue Gain of 49, Red Contrast of 47, Green Contrast of 50 and a Blue Contrast of 49. One cool thing about the SP890 is that even though it is a business machine, it has all the flexibility of a home theater projector. Since the SP890 has a 1.5:1 manual zoom/focus lens with H/V lens shift, it makes it easy to place the projector in a lot of common room configurations. Two built-in 5W speakers come with the SP890 and are capable of producing some serious sound quality. At just 50% or 75%, these speakers deliver enough sound to be clearly heard by everybody in a small business meeting or conference. If sound is extremely important, however, then you will want to get an external sound system.

You will find a comprehensive connection panel on the back of the SP890. You will have no problems hooking this projector up to anything, whether it be your new laptop or your mom’s old VCR. The SP890 has HDMI, composite video, VGA, component video, monitor-out, RJ45 wired networking and USB. Unfortunately, you will not find dual HDMI but BenQ wasn’t trying to hide that.

Overall the SP890 is a strong presentation projector ideal for applications requiring high resolution  like photography or even medical imaging and light video use. It is important to know that this is NOT a home theater projector and getting it for that reason alone will waste a lot of your time and money. However, the 50,000:1 contrast ratio is clearly represented on the screen and the accurate colors really make photographs pop. This device is also capable of being used on a very large screen and if you need a bright 1080p projector for data display then you will definitely want the SP890.

Source: Projector Central – BenQ SP890 1080p DLP Presentation Projector

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