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NEC Adds Two New Professional Model Projectors to PX Series

NEC Display Solutions of America has just announced two new models to the company’s PX Series projector line, the PX700W and PX800X. These two installation models are specifically designed for large venues requiring exceptional brightness, such as educational or corporate environments.

The PX700W and the PX800X, boasting 7,000 lumens and 8,000 lumens respectively, are professional installation projectors that come with dual lamps, providing intense light output. In addition to that, the advanced input panels of the projectors  include HDMI, DisplayPort, USB Viewer and three separate analog computer inputs.

Both projectors offer Open Pluggable Specifications (OPS), which is the industry-wide standardization in option slots in order to simplify installation, use and maintenance while at the same time offering complete input flexibility. In addition to that, it  supports multiple input cards including an HD/SD-SDI and single board computer (SBC).

What’s more is the networking capabilities of the projectors include integrated RJ45, optional high-speed wireless (LAN IEEE 80.11 b/g)  and several Windows networking features, all of which allow users to connect to the shared network, control a networked computer via the projectors’ USB input and display multimedia files.

The PX Series stacking correction capability also allows as many as four projectors to be stacked vertically or horizontally to boost brightness up to 32,000 lumens. This is a particular asset for those applications where downtime cannot be afforded and where reliability is of the utmost importance.

Integrated Device Technology HQV, along with a high-performance video processing and scaling system, allows users to present with superior image quality using the technology’s pixel-based, motion-adaptive de-interlacing to remove undesirable motion artifacts.

According to Senior Product Manager of Projectors for NEC Rich McPherson, “Our PX Series is ideal for customers requiring advanced connectivity, high brightness and networking capabilities. The integrated option allows users to implement the projector in digital signage applications, which allows greater flexibility when planning an installation. The potential for the PX700W and PX800X to be valuable in lecture halls, training rooms and auditoriums is reliant on its professional-grade quality and multitude of included features.”

Both projectors ship with a 3-year limited parts and labor warranty and will be available sometime this month at an estimated price of $8,799 for the PX700W and $8,689 for the PX800X (prices are calculated prior to purchase of a lens). Education customers can also receive an additional year on the warranty and Star Student customers can receive an additional two years.

Source: EON – NEC Display Solutions Expands PX Series with Two New Professional Models

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ViewSonic’s New PLED-W500 Portable Projector

ViewSonic PLED-W500 Portable Projector
If your definition of a projector is a big, bulky box with obnoxiously loud fans used to cool overpriced lamps that need replacing after every couple thousand hours of use, you might as well take the ViewSonic PLED-W500 off of your list because by those standards, this device doesn’t quite make the cut.ViewSonic is talking up the PLED-W500 as an ultraportable business projector, as well as a device that a traveling businessman would have absolutely no problem packing up and taking on the road with him for meetings or demonstrations.The projector’s WXGA 1,280 x 800 native resolution is perfect for detailed presentations and even though the 500 ANSI lumens output isn’t much to look at on paper, the clean, sharp image (complete with 6,000:1 contrast ratio) shows up well and clear enough to be used in diffused daylight settings.

The projector itself is rather small, only measuring 8 x 6 x 1 inch and weighing only 2.6 lbs. What’s more is that a laptop is also unnecessary as the PLED-W500 has its own 1GB of memory and is also capable of displaying a plethora of data types from things such as a USB drive or SD card.

Standard picture formats like PDF, JPG and BMP are also catered for, as is Microsoft office document and PowerPoint formats. Instant start-up and power down is also an impressive feature but that isn’t even the most interesting feature. What will really intrigue you is the fact that the projector runs completely cold. The 500 lumens are provided by LEDs that are rated to run for 20,000 hours, which is the life of the entire projector effectively.

There is a built-in fan that mostly blows out cold air so the device isn’t completely silent but the noise it does emit is by no means intrusive. Slides on the projector can even be changed via the remote control that comes with the projector and the remote also doubles as a laser pointer.

This is definitely the perfect device for any traveling businessman, especially if you want an extremely useful and well designed printer that is extremely portable and able to be written off as a business expense. You can purchase the ViewSonic PLED-W500 directly from ViewSonic.

Source: Reg Hardware – Viewsonic PLED W500 portable projector

ViewSonic and AMX Partner Up

ViewSonic, one of the leaders in projectors for the education market and business market, has just announced a new partnership with AMX, one of the leading providers of solutions that simplify the implementation, maintenance and use of technology in order to create an effective environment.

The partnership, which is an InConcert Partnership, will have several of ViewSonic’s PJD6 projectors upgraded with AMX technology, which will make the projectors compatible with AMX controllers. The specific projectors that have been selected include the PJD6253, PJD6223 and PJD6553W, all of which are part of ViewSonic’s line that has been optimized for use in the education and business industry.

According to ViewSonics’s Projector Product Manager Roger Chien, “We are very pleased to be a partner of the AMX InConcert Program. It demonstrates ViewSonic’s commitment to the education and enterprise markets as all our new projectors will be certified with AMX going forward. The new PJD6 DLP projector series offers many exclusive and valuable functions. This includes real-time monitoring and remote management for up to 250 networked projectors, along with versatile connectivity options.”

ViewSonic is known for high-quality projectors that are perfect for classroom settings as well as business meetings. This added versatility, thanks to the partnership with AMX, should open up many new options for both companies as well as customers. Customers will now have added functionality that should benefit them no matter how they use their ViewSonic projector.

If you need a projector for your business meeting on short notice, you should consider a Meeting Projector Rental from You can get local delivery and installation by a certified technician who will also pick up everything when you are finished, taking all the hassle off of your shoulders.

Source: About Projectors – AMX and ViewSonic Form Partnership is news of, for and by SMBs!… The Small & Medium Business Magazine!

MicroVision SHOWWX+ HDMI Pico Projector

MicroVision SHOWWX+ HDMIIf you are one of the proud few people in your office that is still holding on to his BlackBerry, there may be something that you can hold over the heads of your iOS and Android coworkers. I’m talking about the MicroVision SHOWWX+ HDMI, the first pico projector for Research In Motion customers which will be available for sale soon.

The SHOWWX+ HDMI is said to be capable of easily connecting to a plethora of devices, like computers, mobile devices, laptops, etc… as well as other compatible pieces of consumer electronics, including RIM’s own BlackBerry Playbook. This allows you to display your presentation at more than 100″ in diagonal image size on any type of surface.

This pico projector is diminutive enough in terms of size to allow you to put it easily in your pocket and also delivers two hours of battery life on a single charge, which is more or less the industry standard. This makes the SHOWWX+ HDMI perfect for nearly any mobile application, like sharing business documents in between meetings or throwing up a quick PowerPoint presentation.

According to President and CEO of MicroVision Alexander Tokman, “Partnering with GlobalWare dramatically expands the global availability of SHOWWX+ HDMI and gives us a strong foothold into business audiences where the ability to visually collaborate anywhere is increasingly important. It’s rewarding to join forces with companies like GlobalWare to enable people to see bigger [pictures], whether they are on the road, at the office or home.”

Each purchase of the SHOWWX+ HDMI pico projector will come bundled with an iBOLT holder for the BlackBerry Playbook, allowing owners of the tablet to project anywhere they want to, directly from their tablet. Unfortunately, there is no word on pricing or availability at the moment.

Source: – MicroVision SHOWWX+ HDMI is first RIM pico projector

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Microsoft and Carnegie Mellon University Developing “OmniTouch” Projector

Minority Report Interface

If you remember a little while back, you will recall that Microsoft, along with Carnegie Mellon University, was working on a little something known as the “Skinput” interface. This technology registered touches made to your skin, essentially allowing you to use your body as an input device.

Well, it appears that Skinput wasn’t the only thing this collaboration was working on as it has just been revealed that the two powers are working on a device known as “OmniTouch” which will project interfaces onto any surface.

As cool as this technology sounds, it is, unfortunately, still in the research phase of production, otherwise known as the proof-of-concept phase. That means you shouldn’t expect to mosey on into your local tech store and pick up your very own OmniTouch anytime soon.

The device, which is a shoulder mounted rig, includes a pico projector as well as a 3D scanner to pick up your movements. In addition to that, it is also capable of detecting whether or not the user’s fingers are actually clicking or touching the projected interface or if they are merely hovering over the surface.

Carnegie Mellon University and Microsoft have stated that the technology does not require any type of special training, expertise, or calibration to operate, which basically allows you to take it out of the box, fire it up and start using it.

OmniTouch has already passed several tests that show it is capable of pinpoint crosshair accuracy as well as drawing on multiple surfaces that range from hands to books to even walls. Needless to say, when this technology finally hits stores, we just may see a whole new turn in the world of projection.

Source: TechnoBuffalo – Experimental “OmniTouch” Projector Turns Any Surface Into A Multi-Touch Interface

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Panasonic Debuts HD Tactical Video Teleconferencing Solution

Panasonic logoPanasonic, one of the leading providers of collaboration, information-sharing and decision-support solutions for government and commercial enterprises, just announced the new Panasonic Tactical Video Teleconferencing (VTC) solution.

The Panasonic Tactical VTC solution combines the HD imaging found in a Panasonic plasma display with Polycom’s HD videoconferencing and JELCO’s custom mobile lift case for a mobile product that has significant advantages over a rolling cart or wall-mounted VTC option.

The Panasonic Tactical VTC solution is perfect for rapid-setup applications and provides a direct line of contact from remote locations with the incorporation of high-quality video and audio communications. In addition to that, the inclusion of Panasonic’s PF30 Series Full-HD Plasma Displays within the Tactical VTC solution allows for a clear and precise image quality that comes with a native contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1.

According to Federal Sales Director for Panasonic Tim Collins, “At Panasonic Solutions Company we create the most advanced technology solutions to help our government sector customers do their jobs with greater ease and efficiency. Whether our customers will deploy this product for the purpose of mission planning, training simulations or educational classes, the Panasonic Tactical VTC solution provides a highly mobile, reliable communication system that keeps all parties informed and up to date.”

The solution offers a wide variety of uses and, in addition to its versatility, the JELCO stabilizer plate protects it against tipping over in outdoor environments. Field locking casters also ensure that the VTC solution stays securely in place at all times. In addition, the Panasonic display also fits comfortably into the JELCO shock-mounted mobile lift case for the best protection while in transit.

The Panasonic Tactical Video Teleconferencing solution is available now in the United States from any authorized Panasonic reseller or from Panasonic directly.

Source: Business Wire – Panasonic Unveils High-Definition Tactical Video Teleconferencing Solution

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What are the Top 10 Money Making Missions?

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Ricoh Introduces New PJ Series of Projectors

Ricoh PJ X3131Ricoh has just announced its most recent entry into the high-performance digital projection market with its all-new line of portable projectors, all of which offer “low weight, brilliant image quality and optional advanced, model-specific networking capabilities” according to Ricoh.

These projectors are being touted as perfect for “business people rushing to meetings or road warriors who present every day,” says Ricoh. Known as the Ricoh PJ Series, these devices add to Ricoh’s long history of manufacturing high-quality business equipment.

According to Dr. William Cogshall, President of Pacific Media Associates, a market research group that specializes in front projectors, “Businesses looking for high-quality mobile digital projection systems would be wise to add Ricoh to their short lists. Ricoh is a formidable newcomer to the U.S. projector market. They bring long and credible background in technology and manufacturing, including excellence in optics. And their well-established, multichannel sales and service approach gives them some important and unique strengths in the market.”

The new Ricoh PJ Series consists of the new PJ X3131, PJ WX3231N, PJ WX3131, PJ X3241N and PJ X3241. These devices are all vastly different and range in price from $800 to $1,200 based on the resolution, networkability, USB options and a few other features.

These new projectors also expand Ricoh’s evolving Managed Document Services offering. This helps customers grow their bottom line via improved document management, streamlined workflow and an increased productivity. In addition to that, these projectors also foreshadow the rollout of more Ricoh business communications solutions for next year, including videoconferencing and short-throw projection systems.

These projectors are perfect for, as Ricoh said, traveling businessman but are also perfect for small to medium-sized meeting rooms. The portability of the projectors make them perfect for the limited space of a meeting room, definitely something to keep in mind the next time you are looking for a new projector for your company’s meeting room.

Source: PR Newswire – Ricoh Introduces Portable Digital Projectors for Business People on the Go

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iPad Compatible Projectors Released by Epson

Epson Megaplex MG-850 HDWhile projectors are some of the fastest growing products in the business world right now, sales of  iPads and other tablet PCs are growing even faster. Many businessmen are opting to take an iPad into their meeting over a laptop simply because of the fact that they are more convenient. However, thanks to Epson, iPads in business meetings have become even more convenient as the company has just announced a new line of portable, iPad-compatible projectors.

The newly announced MegaPlex MG-850 HD and Megaplaex MG-50 are two highly portable projectors and the first to come equipped with an iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch dock. In addition to that, these two projectors promise to deliver high quality, high brightness and large viewing sizes to businesses and offices alike and are perfect for either indoor or outdoor use.

By being able to integrate your iPad directly with the projector, these devices make giving a presentation so much simpler. Gone are the days of carrying around a laptop, flash drive or messy connector cables. All you have to do now is slide your iPad with your presentation on it directly into the projector and away you go!

Aside from business meetings, these two devices could also serve the educational market as well. There are a lot of apps out there that are perfect for use in class while teaching. However, you can’t pass your smartphone around to every student so they can see what is happening. These projectors let you take those apps and project them on the big screen for everybody to enjoy simultaneously.

The ability to dock your iPhone or iPod touch also increases the market for these projectors to home entertainment. Playing your favorite movies or music via your projector is perfect for family gatherings or small get-togethers and is sure to make your party the talk of the neighborhood.

Both devices utilize 3LCD technology for reliable performance and bright colors and also feature 720p HD resolution with 2,800 lumens of color on the HD model. Built-in 10W speakers also reduce the amount of equipment that you have to carry with everything in one tight, neat package.

If you are looking for a good projector for your home, business or classroom, the Epson Megaplex MG-850 HD or Megaplex MG-50 is perfect for you. Both of these should be available sometime this month with the MG-850 HD costing $799 and the MG-50 costing $699.

Source: PadGadget – Epson Launches New iPad Compatible Projectors

Power Point Projectors
Most business class projectors will do a good job displaying your PowerPoint presentation. If you have a small presentation group, a 2000 lumen LCD projector will be able to produce a nice and clear picture. For larger audiences you should consider a 5000 lumen LCD projector.

New V Series Projector Line from NEC

NEC V SeriesNEC India just announced on Tuesday the launch of its new V Series line of projectors. This new series includes the V300X, V260X, V230X, V260 and V230 models and is targeted primarily at anybody who needs a projector for the education industry or small-to-medium-sized business meeting market.

The V Series projectors render high brightness through small mobile projectors in order to accommodate bigger screen sizes. In addition to that, this series of projectors also customizes to higher ambient lighting conditions according to a report from NEC.

Lamp life for these projectors is estimated at around 5,000 hours if used in Eco-Mode. The remote for the projectors also includes a green Eco-Mode button that works in conjunction with the carbon footprint meter in order to emphasize the use of Eco-Mode.

In addition to that, the carbon footprint meter provides verified results about how much carbon you save during each session in which you use Eco-Mode as well as the accumulated results over the lifetime of the device. NEC has also added a unique viral remote software which allows you to control the projector via the VGA cable.

One good feature about the new V Series is that these projectors are all 3D capable, which allows you to make all of your presentations more interactive and engaging. All of these projectors come with 800 x 600 (SVAG), 1,204 x 768 (XGA) resolutions as well as a 2,000:1 contrast ratio. Brightness ranges from 2,300 to 3,000 ANSI lumens, and all of these projectors have high color reproduction thanks to BrilliantColor and VIDI technology.

The 3,000 lumen models are all NVIDIA certified which allows for plug and play operation that is key for 3D gaming or photography. In addition to that, some of the models from the V Series are also equipped with HDMI outputs as well as improved video processing capabilities.

According to Country Head of Multimedia Product Group and IT Platform Business for NEC India Abhilesh Guleria, “It is our endeavor to constantly innovate and empower our customers with the best visual technologies and solutions. The latest V Series projectors are an ideal solution for small-to-medium meeting rooms and classrooms that require high brightness at an affordable price.”

Source: SMBIT.IN – NEC launches 3D-enabled projectors for SMEs

NEC Debuts PH1000U Digital Projector

NECNEC has just announced its newest product, the PH100U digital projector, which comes with a unique 3-chip DLP system. This device, which is being touted as a professional installation model, can operate 24/7 and is specifically designed for use in areas of higher education, religious buildings and corporate or retail environments where ambient light is high and the need for a large scale screen is prominent.

The PH100U, powered by the 3-chip DLP system, is an 11,000 lumen WUXGA resolution projector that features a sleek, compact design which creates large, high quality images in almost any operating condition. This device is also the second model in NEC’s projector lineup to offer Open Pluggable Specifications (OPS).

OPS is the first industry-wide standardization in option slots that actually simplifies installation, use and maintenance while at the same time offering input flexibility. In addition to that, it also supports multiple input cards, including an HD/SD-SDI and single board computer.

This device also uses Integrated Device Technology HQV which is a high-performance video processing and scaling system that is designed for computer signals and standard or high-definition video. This technology also helps produce higher-quality video processing using pixel-based, motion-adaptive de-interlacing in order to remove unwanted motion artifacts that you generally find with interlaced signals.

According to Senior Product Manager of Projectors for NEC Rich McPherson, “The PH100-U is designed for large venue applications that can benefit from the 3-chip DLP color space and redundancy of the dual lamp system. The capabilities this product brings to the AV market are unrivaled, from its stacking correction to its bayonet lenses. Its feature set allows the projector to be customized perfectly in each and every application.”

The PH1000U projector from BEC ships with a 3-year limited parts and labor warranty and will also be available sometime in October of this year for an estimated retail price of $54,999 not including the lens. If you are purchasing this device for educational purposes then you can receive an additional year on the warranty with Star Student customers receiving an additional two years.

Source: Business Wire – NEC Display Solutions Debuts PH1000U Digital Projector for Professional Integration Projects

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