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Short-Throw Projector & Rear Screen Combo Rentals now offers the perfect rental solution for those who need temporary technology to make video presentations in modestly sized spaces. By combining a Short-Throw Projector Rental with a Rear Projection Screen Rental, your Tech Travel Agents have devised a rental solution that allows you to make your presentation with bright and impressive projections, all while minimizing the space that the technology requires.
Short-Throw Projector Rentals

Why Rent a Short-Throw Projector & Rear Screen Combo?

Short-Throw projectors are machines that can project large and bright images at a very short distance from a projection surface. Rear projection screens are exactly what the name implies, screens that can be projected onto from the backside, allowing the projector to be hidden. Our Tech Travel Agents are capable of bundling these into a single rental solution, which are ideal for spatially limited situations, since a lot of space can be saved by having a short-throw projector just a foot or two behind a rear projection screen.
Short-Throw Projector Rentals

Short Throw Projector & Rear Screen Combo Rentals for Meetings

Sometimes you need to make an important business presentation in a small meeting or conference room. In these situations, the last thing you want is to have a projector and screen that take up a lot of space. With a Short-Throw Projector & Rear Screen Combo Rental, you can have a clear and vibrant projection image and surface without using up precious space in the meeting room.
Short-Throw Projector Accessory Rentals

Projector & Screen Rental Accessories

Our Tech Travel Agents can also procure various projector rental accessories that are very handy for making presentations. Laser pointers, as well as wireless mouse and controllers are just some of the peripherals we can include in your Projector & Rear Projection Screen Rental.

We can also include laptop or tablet PC rentals in your rental solution, which would solve any presentation need you could have.

Rack-Mount Server rentals are ideal if your company needs an extra storage unit for company information while you are testing various types of storage solutions.

Whether you need a short-term rental or a long-term lease, we have the right kind of server for your needs.

Apple Wins Patent For A Glasses-less 3D Projector

It seems that Apple is applying its philosophy of ‘sleek, cool, and simple’ to one of its longstanding ventures, which it just won the patent for: a projector that projects a 3D image, which the viewers can enjoy unencumbered by ridiculous eye-wear.

Moreover, Apple is saying that their goal with the project is to develop an autostereoscopic 3D projection system that does not even place constraints upon what angle the viewer must be viewing from. This is quite a venture, and regardless of whether or not Apple delivers on this proposed goal, their idea seems unique when compared to other more popular approaches to the problem that are being explored by other AV technology companies; and also promises more than the prototypes designed thus far.

Apple’s idea hinges upon two driving features: a special type of reflective screen with a ripple texture and a sub-device that detects and tracks a viewer’s eye position within a given space. The basic concept is that once the system is aware of where a viewer’s eyes are in the room, it can then throw a single-pixel projection of a stereoscopic image onto a particular area of a particular ripple on the screen; the position and angle of which are being determined by the viewer’s  eye position at any given instant. The reflective screen is angularly responsive, its angles of reflection being predetermined by the viewer’s eye position. As far as the stereoscopic image itself is concerned, it is divided into two sub-images, one designated for left eye and one for the right eye, where they work together in concert to create a 3D experience when the reflected projections meet each eye.

All technical specs aside, this is a novel approach, and if it proves feasible, could circumvent the problems that are bound to plague glasses-less 3D technology that is soon to hit the market. Despite soon to come technology and patents however, a truly unencumbered and free 3D visual experience is the stuff of science fiction, at least until Apple or another company makes patents like these a reality.

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