Could There Be A New Google Glass Coming With A Built-In Projector?

Google Glass is truly technology of the future, taking wearable technology to the next level. Since the technology is still too expensive for mainstream use it appeared as if Google had seemingly forgotten about Google Glass in favor of other wearable technology, like Android Wear and other Android and Chrome products.

However, a new patent filed by Google could be suggesting that the company is working on an updated version of the heads-up display (HUD). This new patent from Google appears to have a version of Google Glass that comes with a built-in projector on board. Because obviously it wasn’t too expensive before.

This newly discovered patent, which was filed back in April 2013 and published on October 30th, describes a “head-mounted display including integrated projector.” Images that accompany the patent also suggest that it could be an updated or modified version of Google Glass with a small projector attached to the side. In addition to that, the patent also goes on to explain the main purpose of this new hardware could be for sharing information with people around you.

Google Glass brings a ton of advantages to mobile tech users but it’s all very personal. There really isn’t any way to share stuff from Google Glass with people around you. Adding a projector could turn Google Glass into a group technology. The addition of a projector could allow you to project photos or video taken with Google Glass to easily share this content with friends and family.

The bad thing about this, and every other patent that gets released, is that there is no guarantee that technology will ever become a reality. Add that to the fact that it seems as if Google has all but abandoned Google Glass altogether and is content with turning out smaller updates for the current Google Glass. Putting a projector on Google Glass could help add more functionality.

I still don’t see a real need for something like Google Glass, even with an attached projector. The technology is cool, don’t get me wrong, but there just doesn’t seem to be a real need for it. I mean there was already a report of someone being treated for Google Glass addiction. Regardless, Google Glass is still a thing and even though it may be on the back burner at the moment there is still the very real possibility that we could be seeing a Google Glass version with a built-in projector.–A Blog By
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