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Runco Adds to LightStyle Series with New DLP Projector

Runco LS-10HBdThe Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association, otherwise known CEDIA, is set to have its 2012 convention in just two weeks and already we are seeing new product leaks of things we can expect at the show. One of those products comes from Runco in the form of the all new LS-10HBd projector.

The new LS-10HBd projector is a part of Runco’s LightStyle Series and promises a beautiful, bright image perfect for any situation. The projector itself boasts more than 3,780 lumens before calibration and is a 3-chip DLP device designed to work in big home theaters, living rooms, media rooms or large conference/meeting rooms.

What’s great about the LS-10HBd is that environmental factors, such as ambient light and shadows, shouldn’t affect your viewing experience. Other features for this device include a full 1080p HD image, ISF Day and Night modes and DLP-based SuperOnyx technology with the ISF calibration suite. In addition to that, the LS-10HBd comes with Runco’s own Digital High Definition 4 (DHD 4) external video processor, which can be rack-mounted and also has a ton of advanced connectivity options.

According to Vice President of Marketing for Runco Jennifer Davis, “When clients rave about the quality and the range of options available, it is clear why the LightStyle series is one of our best selling projection lines. The new LS-10HBd projector truly enhances the line by bringing it into bigger and brighter spaces than ever before, without compromising quality, value, or the sleek, stylish industrial design for which LightStyle is known.”

The LS-10HBd, like all of Runco’s LightStyle projectors, features the option of Runco’s CineGlide lens solution, which can switch the picture from 16:9 to 2.35:1 at the touch of a button. FinishPalette design options are also available to customize the outside of your projector, allowing it to match the theme of whatever room you are planning on putting it in.

According to Runco, the LS-10HBd should be available from authorized Runco dealers sometime in September 2012 for $29,995. This price includes the DHD 4 video processor and a two-year RuncoCare standard warranty.

Source: Electronic House – Runco Brightens Up Line with LS-10HBd DLP Projector

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New Budget-Conscious E-Vision WXGA 6000 Released by DPI

DPI E-Vision WXGA 6000Most businesses these days are trying everything they can to keep costs low. That means buying more energy efficient products and trying to use less energy, paper and other things whenever possible. Because of that, manufacturers are doing their best to make more energy efficient and budget-friendly products.

Enter Digital Projection International (DPI) and its most budget-conscious projector yet in the company’s high-brightness, high-value projection line, the E-Vision WXGA 6000. This projector, building on the success of the previously released E-Vision 7000 and 8000 products, extends the accessibility of DPI’s advanced projectors to a wider range of applications.

The E-Vision 6000 produces 6,000 lumens of brightness and can be configured with the E-Vision series’ same wide array of lens options, user-swappable color wheels and advanced color options.  The E-Vision WXGA 6000 will start shipping in October of this year for an estimated price of $3,995.

The device weighs less than 40 pounds and the dual-lamp projector also employs the latest in Texas Instruments’ 1,280 x 800 dark metal DLP technology to deliver 6,000 lumens of up to 2,400:1 contrast. The projector is lightweight and has a streamlined case and presents a compelling imaging solution for lecture halls, conference centers, corporate auditoriums and boardrooms.

The new E-Vision WXGA 6000 also has a distinct feature with the new, streamlined lightweight casing, which is designed to complement the architectural details of nearly any installation. In addition to that, a plethora of variety of fixed and zoom lens options gives this device a flexible throw ratio range of .76:1 to 8.26:1.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly projector for your business meeting room or conference center then the E-Vision WXGA 6000 from Digital Projection International could be the device you are looking for. With an extremely high brightness, lightweight design and host of features, this projector is sure to fit the needs of any business.

Source: AVNetwork – DPI Launches Most Budget-Conscious Projector Yet