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Epson’s New PowerLite 96W Projector

Epson PowerLite 96WEpson’s new PowerLite 96W is a nice multimedia projector designed with the classroom or meeting room in mind. There are a lot of different features on the projector that make it perfect for any type of presentation situation and it even has the ability to be connected to a LAN, run presentations from a USB drive or control other projectors connected to the same internet network.

The light source for this projector, which is based on the 3LCD technology that Epson pioneered, outputs 2,700 lumens while the projector also provides a WXGA resolution with a 16:10 aspect ratio. Physical dimensions of the device measure 4.2″ x 13.6″ x 10.3″ with the projector weighing in at 7.2lbs. The projector also features a manual focus as well as zoom wheels that you can access via an indention above the lens.

There are also a ton of ports on this device too. All in all, the PowerLite 96W comes with VGA-in (2), monitor-out VGA (1), HDMI-in (1), RCA (3) for Composite Video and Audio, S-Vide0 (1), USB (1), RS-232 (1), Ethernet (1) and microphone jack (1). This should cover pretty much anything you need to do with this device but if not, I’m sure there is an adapter out there somewhere.

Reports on this projector note that this device is definitely made for viewing still images and not long video clips. It does seem to handle short video clips ok but screening a full-length movie would not be advisable due to loss of detail over time and posterization. Sound quality is also adequate with the device’s built-in 16W speaker.

With all the connectivity options, as well as internet connectivity via LAN or WiFi and the ability to accept input from multiple computers, the PowerLite 96W is a fairly good projector for use in small or medium meeting rooms as well as classrooms. Presentations run smoothly and the ability to play a few video clips just adds to the accessibility of the overall product.

Source: PC Mag – Epson PowerLite 96W Multimedia Projector

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Epson Adds 5 New Projectors to its PowerLite Pro Z Series

Epson logoEpson, one of the leaders in projector sales worldwide, has just announced an expansion to its highly popular PowerLite Pro Z Series of projectors. The expansion consists of five all-new projectors, all of which were designed for use in corporate markets, higher education, houses of worship, rental and staging, museum and digital signage applications.

All of the new projectors deliver advanced image quality, connectivity and installation tools and all five projectors also have an expanded feature set with edge blending, split screen capabilities as well as DICOM Simulation Mode(2). The design and features of these projectors are perfect for use with large or small audiences and are perfect for professional looking presentations.

According to Product Manager of Projectors for Epson America Sean Gunduz, “With the addition of these new PowerLite Pro Z models, Epson expands its installation projector portfolio to offer outstanding image quality and advanced features and functionality to meet the installation needs of several markets.”

Gunduz went on to say, “With capabilities like built-in edge blending, these brighter, more robust models deliver the ultimate projection experience for a wide range of venues and Epson is excited to offer this new line to a multitude of markets, including rental and staging and entertainment.”

The five new projectors in the series consist of the PowerLite Pro Z8450WUNL, PowerLite Pro Z8455WUNL, PowerLite Pro Z8350WNL, PowerLite Pro Z8250NL and PowerLite Pro Z8255NL. Each projector has a fairly high lumen output with the Z8450WUNL and Z8455WUNL displaying 7,000 lumens with a WUXGA resollution, the Z8350WNL displaying 8,000 lumens with a WXGA resolution and the Z8250NL and Z8255NL displaying 10,000 lumens with a XGA resolution, making them perfect for any professional setting.

Source: Market Watch – Epson Introduces New Line of PowerLite Pro Z-series Installation Projectors with Built-In Edge Blending 

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Hitachi Debuts New Installation Series

HitachiThe Digital Media Division, Business Solutions Group from Hitachi America has just introduced the company’s newest product, the brand new Installation Series of projectors. The Installation Series projectors all come with two HDMI ports, addressing the increased demand from projector users for digital connectivity.

In addition to that, this series of projectors features motorized focus, zoom and lens shift which allow for easy adjustments to your picture. What’s more is that each of the projectors in the series will also include a 360-degree off-axis display and will be equipped with a high-performance filter that lasts up to 20,000 hours without cleaning.

A new feature for Hitachi that is incorporated into the Installation Series is an Operation Log Recorder. This feature allows the user to access all the internal statuses and server conditions of the projector, ensuring that you are always running at the highest performance rate possible.

Four optional, interchangeable lenses are also available for the Installation Series that accommodate for different throw distances. A large lens shift also allows users to readjust the position of the image to fit the screen perfectly. In addition to that, the Installation Series’ center lens design makes it very simple to align the projector with the screen.

Hitachi offers a slimmer design with the Installation Series, as well as two 8-watt speakers, and digital keystone and Perfect Fit also make it easy to properly position the image.  These projectors also offer Versa-Stack, enabling the seamless stacking of two projectors via RS-232 connection.

According to Product Manager for Hitachi America John Glad, “The Hitachi Installation Series addresses several needs that are common among a large percentage of our customers, including reliability, ease of installation and high brightness. We expect the Installation Series to be popular with boardrooms, auditoriums, meeting spaces, houses of worship and more!”

Other features of the Installation Series include DICOM Simulation Mode and an optional wireless adapter with support for 802.11 b/g wireless and the latest 11n via a USB adapter. The DICOM Simulation Mode is perfect for viewing grayscale medical images, like x-rays, for training and educational purposes.

Source: TVTechnology – Hitachi Launches Installation Series Projectors

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