New Add-On Transforms Your iPhone into a Pico Projector

iPhone ProjectorPortability and projectors pretty much go hand-in-hand. Most people won’t even consider purchasing a projector unless it is easily transportable and this fact has led to the development of the pico projector. Pico projectors are pocket-sized projectors that are capable of displaying big, bright images without being big or bulky.

However, with the invention of smartphones, pico projectors are getting even smaller. Some are able to plug right into your phone, though a new, even smaller, piece of equipment has now become available.  A new tiny projector that plugs directly into the docking slot of an iPhone is capable of producing a 25″ image from about three feet away and is now on sale in both Japan and China.

The projector itself only weighs little more than an ounce and is about the size of half an iPhone. The tiny LED lamp used to project the images runs off of the iPhone’s battery and generates a 320 x 240 resolution image at a brightness of 10 lumens.

The projector is also capable of displaying iPhone content like YouTube or iPod videos as well as photos and also comes with a small built-in speaker. In addition to that, the device also comes with a small tripod and can also be used to connect an iPhone to a TV or play video from another device via video and USB cables.

The device has already been tested by some retailers who have determined that the projector works with the iPhone 4S, the iPad and the iPod Touch. The device will cost you ¥15,800 in some areas of Tokyo, which is roughly $202 USC. 100 units were sold in the device’s first shipment, one day after the initial launch with a spokesman stating that more were on order.

Source: PC World – Tiny Add-on Turns IPhone Into Hand Projector, Throws 25-inch Screen From 1 Meter

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