Microsoft and Carnegie Mellon University Developing “OmniTouch” Projector

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If you remember a little while back, you will recall that Microsoft, along with Carnegie Mellon University, was working on a little something known as the “Skinput” interface. This technology registered touches made to your skin, essentially allowing you to use your body as an input device.

Well, it appears that Skinput wasn’t the only thing this collaboration was working on as it has just been revealed that the two powers are working on a device known as “OmniTouch” which will project interfaces onto any surface.

As cool as this technology sounds, it is, unfortunately, still in the research phase of production, otherwise known as the proof-of-concept phase. That means you shouldn’t expect to mosey on into your local tech store and pick up your very own OmniTouch anytime soon.

The device, which is a shoulder mounted rig, includes a pico projector as well as a 3D scanner to pick up your movements. In addition to that, it is also capable of detecting whether or not the user’s fingers are actually clicking or touching the projected interface or if they are merely hovering over the surface.

Carnegie Mellon University and Microsoft have stated that the technology does not require any type of special training, expertise, or calibration to operate, which basically allows you to take it out of the box, fire it up and start using it.

OmniTouch has already passed several tests that show it is capable of pinpoint crosshair accuracy as well as drawing on multiple surfaces that range from hands to books to even walls. Needless to say, when this technology finally hits stores, we just may see a whole new turn in the world of projection.

Source: TechnoBuffalo – Experimental “OmniTouch” Projector Turns Any Surface Into A Multi-Touch Interface

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