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iPad Compatible Projectors Released by Epson

Epson Megaplex MG-850 HDWhile projectors are some of the fastest growing products in the business world right now, sales of  iPads and other tablet PCs are growing even faster. Many businessmen are opting to take an iPad into their meeting over a laptop simply because of the fact that they are more convenient. However, thanks to Epson, iPads in business meetings have become even more convenient as the company has just announced a new line of portable, iPad-compatible projectors.

The newly announced MegaPlex MG-850 HD and Megaplaex MG-50 are two highly portable projectors and the first to come equipped with an iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch dock. In addition to that, these two projectors promise to deliver high quality, high brightness and large viewing sizes to businesses and offices alike and are perfect for either indoor or outdoor use.

By being able to integrate your iPad directly with the projector, these devices make giving a presentation so much simpler. Gone are the days of carrying around a laptop, flash drive or messy connector cables. All you have to do now is slide your iPad with your presentation on it directly into the projector and away you go!

Aside from business meetings, these two devices could also serve the educational market as well. There are a lot of apps out there that are perfect for use in class while teaching. However, you can’t pass your smartphone around to every student so they can see what is happening. These projectors let you take those apps and project them on the big screen for everybody to enjoy simultaneously.

The ability to dock your iPhone or iPod touch also increases the market for these projectors to home entertainment. Playing your favorite movies or music via your projector is perfect for family gatherings or small get-togethers and is sure to make your party the talk of the neighborhood.

Both devices utilize 3LCD technology for reliable performance and bright colors and also feature 720p HD resolution with 2,800 lumens of color on the HD model. Built-in 10W speakers also reduce the amount of equipment that you have to carry with everything in one tight, neat package.

If you are looking for a good projector for your home, business or classroom, the Epson Megaplex MG-850 HD or Megaplex MG-50 is perfect for you. Both of these should be available sometime this month with the MG-850 HD costing $799 and the MG-50 costing $699.

Source: PadGadget – Epson Launches New iPad Compatible Projectors

Power Point Projectors
Most business class projectors will do a good job displaying your PowerPoint presentation. If you have a small presentation group, a 2000 lumen LCD projector will be able to produce a nice and clear picture. For larger audiences you should consider a 5000 lumen LCD projector.

New V Series Projector Line from NEC

NEC V SeriesNEC India just announced on Tuesday the launch of its new V Series line of projectors. This new series includes the V300X, V260X, V230X, V260 and V230 models and is targeted primarily at anybody who needs a projector for the education industry or small-to-medium-sized business meeting market.

The V Series projectors render high brightness through small mobile projectors in order to accommodate bigger screen sizes. In addition to that, this series of projectors also customizes to higher ambient lighting conditions according to a report from NEC.

Lamp life for these projectors is estimated at around 5,000 hours if used in Eco-Mode. The remote for the projectors also includes a green Eco-Mode button that works in conjunction with the carbon footprint meter in order to emphasize the use of Eco-Mode.

In addition to that, the carbon footprint meter provides verified results about how much carbon you save during each session in which you use Eco-Mode as well as the accumulated results over the lifetime of the device. NEC has also added a unique viral remote software which allows you to control the projector via the VGA cable.

One good feature about the new V Series is that these projectors are all 3D capable, which allows you to make all of your presentations more interactive and engaging. All of these projectors come with 800 x 600 (SVAG), 1,204 x 768 (XGA) resolutions as well as a 2,000:1 contrast ratio. Brightness ranges from 2,300 to 3,000 ANSI lumens, and all of these projectors have high color reproduction thanks to BrilliantColor and VIDI technology.

The 3,000 lumen models are all NVIDIA certified which allows for plug and play operation that is key for 3D gaming or photography. In addition to that, some of the models from the V Series are also equipped with HDMI outputs as well as improved video processing capabilities.

According to Country Head of Multimedia Product Group and IT Platform Business for NEC India Abhilesh Guleria, “It is our endeavor to constantly innovate and empower our customers with the best visual technologies and solutions. The latest V Series projectors are an ideal solution for small-to-medium meeting rooms and classrooms that require high brightness at an affordable price.”

Source: SMBIT.IN – NEC launches 3D-enabled projectors for SMEs

NEC Debuts PH1000U Digital Projector

NECNEC has just announced its newest product, the PH100U digital projector, which comes with a unique 3-chip DLP system. This device, which is being touted as a professional installation model, can operate 24/7 and is specifically designed for use in areas of higher education, religious buildings and corporate or retail environments where ambient light is high and the need for a large scale screen is prominent.

The PH100U, powered by the 3-chip DLP system, is an 11,000 lumen WUXGA resolution projector that features a sleek, compact design which creates large, high quality images in almost any operating condition. This device is also the second model in NEC’s projector lineup to offer Open Pluggable Specifications (OPS).

OPS is the first industry-wide standardization in option slots that actually simplifies installation, use and maintenance while at the same time offering input flexibility. In addition to that, it also supports multiple input cards, including an HD/SD-SDI and single board computer.

This device also uses Integrated Device Technology HQV which is a high-performance video processing and scaling system that is designed for computer signals and standard or high-definition video. This technology also helps produce higher-quality video processing using pixel-based, motion-adaptive de-interlacing in order to remove unwanted motion artifacts that you generally find with interlaced signals.

According to Senior Product Manager of Projectors for NEC Rich McPherson, “The PH100-U is designed for large venue applications that can benefit from the 3-chip DLP color space and redundancy of the dual lamp system. The capabilities this product brings to the AV market are unrivaled, from its stacking correction to its bayonet lenses. Its feature set allows the projector to be customized perfectly in each and every application.”

The PH1000U projector from BEC ships with a 3-year limited parts and labor warranty and will also be available sometime in October of this year for an estimated retail price of $54,999 not including the lens. If you are purchasing this device for educational purposes then you can receive an additional year on the warranty with Star Student customers receiving an additional two years.

Source: Business Wire – NEC Display Solutions Debuts PH1000U Digital Projector for Professional Integration Projects

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