ViewSonic Launches 7 and 8 Series Projectors

ViewSonic 8 SeriesViewSonic just recently launched two new series of projectors that are focused on the educational and professional markets. Projectors specifically designed with the classroom or meeting room (or both) in mind have become an increasingly persistent market. Many people are now trying to find affordable and high-quality projectors that are tailored specifically for these types of small encounters.

ViewSonic is launching the ViewSonic 7 Series projectors, a range of projectors that feature a whole host of teacher-friendly features. The ViewSonic 7 Series has five projectors total, all of which are 3D ready. Incorporating 3D into the classroom setting is becoming increasingly popular as many teachers find that it increases interaction in a learning environment.

However, the interactive aspect of these devices can also save you money as well by avoiding the need to purchase an interactive white board. Students, as well as teachers, can write directly onto the projected image using a PointBlank pen, included with the purchase, in order to make learning that much more interactive.

The other new series from ViewSonic is the ViewSonic 8 Series. These devices allow for the projection of images in large rooms while at the same time maintaining a high picture quality. This makes the projectors extremely useful in meetings or presentations where the ability of the projectors to present Blu-ray content, HD videos and images in their true form can be useful.

Even though the ViewSonic 7 Series is more geared towards classrooms and the ViewSonic 8 Series more toward business meetings and presentations does not mean that the two are not interchangeable. Both can be used in the classroom or business meeting setting depending on which one meets your needs the best.

Source: Projector Point – Projector company launches educational and professional devices

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