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NionCom MemoryKick Vision

NionCom MemoryKick VisionTablets have changed quite a bit since the invention of the iPad. Since Apple joined the market, we have seen a ton of different styles of tablets, mainly with the Android operating system. One thing that many people have thought about is putting a pico projector inside a tablet. I mean, we did it with phones and laptops, so why not tablets?

Well, it seems those wishes are finally coming true with the Mini-Tablet from NionCom. The ability to take with you the technology of a tablet and the power of a projector in one device is definitely impressive. The fact that the projector is a Pico projector just adds to the quality.

The device is known as the MemoryKick Vision and is an Android-based tablet that has the potential to project up to a 100″ screen which is pretty impressive for such a small projector. In addition to that, the Android Marketplace will also be available as well as a plethora of different connections including Bluetooth and WiFi.

Since tablets are all the rage with business professionals nowadays and every business professional tends to use a projector when they go into a meeting, a tablet with a built in projector seems like the perfect device for anybody who finds themselves heavily involved in the business world.

Source: Online Social Media – Pico Projector Equipped Mini-Tablet: NionCom Android Goodness

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Sanyo Introduces PLC-WU3800 Compact Projector

Sanyo PLC-WU3800Sanyo North America Corporation has just announced the introduction of a new compact, portable Wdie XGA projector with the highest brightness in its class at 3,800 lumens. This device is effective in well-lit conference or meeting rooms and allows for an easy setup, even if you are a first time user with an Auto Setup feature. In addition to that, this projector also offers advanced display functions including Picture in Picture and Picture by Picture.

Known as the PLC-WU3800, this device has a high performance optical engine that features a high aperture ratio LCD panel with a 1280 x 800 True WXGA resolution. It also has a 16:10 aspect ratio that enables users to project images identical to the screen display of their notebook and laptop computers. The wide aspect ratio also makes it possible to display more information on screen and facilitate projector features like Picture in Picture.

According to Vice President and General Manager of the Corporate Solutions Group in Sanyo North America’s Digital Solutions Division Sam Malik, “This new projector is a highly cost-effective way for businesses and schools to upgrade to a widescreen projector with the brightness to operate effectively in virtually any meeting or classroom environment. Anyone can use its automated functions for a quick and easy set up, but it also offers advanced Picture in Picture and Picture by Picture capabilities.

The PLC-WU3800 offers a plethora of inputs including HDMI1.3b, dual D-Sub 15, S-Video and Composite. This device also includes both mini and RCA jack stereo audio inputs. D-Sub 9 and RJ45 network connectors are also available for control.

Initial shipments of the PLC-WU3800 should be available this month for $1,995.

Source: PR Newswire РSanyo Introduces PLC-WU3800 Compact Projector  for Business and Education With 3800 Lumens Brightness, Highest in Its Class

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