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Fujitsu Unveils the Fujitsu Bay Projector

Fujitsu Bay ProjectorFujitsu has just revealed what I think is a very cool little device, the fold-out Fujitsu Bay Projector. This is a fold-out projector that fits into any modular notebook bay. What is cool is that this projector can be ready to go in a matter of seconds and is specifically designed so that you don’t need an external beamer or any external cables in order to share data including slides, spreadsheets or even YouTube videos due to the fact that all of that is built in.

According to Head of Workplace Systems at Fujitsu Technology Solutions Dieter Heiss, “Every business notebook user knows the scenario of arriving at an important meeting ready to give a presentation, only to discover that the projector is broken, missing or just won’t work with their notebook. The Bay Projector Solves that – and underlines how LIFEBOOK models are truly a fully-mobile office. What’s more is that projecting images directly from a notebook’s modular bay is not only a world’s first but also very convenient – so we expect the Bay Projector to quickly become a ‘must have’ executive accessory.”

The Fujitsu Bay Projector will be available in July as an option for the Fujitsu LIFEBOOK P771 and the LIFEBOOK S761 notebooks. One good feature is that the Bay Projector won’t take up a lot of space. The modular bay that houses the projector is approximately the size of a DVD and will work on virtually any surface.

Brightness and contrast are adjustable directly on the Bay Projector via built-in buttons. The Bay Projector also features laser beam technology. This is designed to provide you with high contrast and color depth, giving you crisp, clear images. The projector is also able to double as a private movie cinema, projecting movies directly from your laptop.

You will be able to order this device beginning on July 1st, 2011 across the CEMEA, United Kingdom, Ireland and Nordic Regions in LIFEBOOK P771 and LIFEBOOK S761 models for a $711 price tag that will vary depending on your region.

Source: ITP – Fujitsu reveals portable projector is news of, for and by SMBs!… The Small & Medium Business Magazine!

NEC Expands V Series with New Multimedia Projectors

NEC V260NEC has just recently announced an expansion to its new V Series of projectors with the 2600-lumens V260 and V260X, which are being touted as two very affordable mobile projector solutions set to join the V300X. These two new mobile projectors are ideal for small to medium-sized meeting rooms or even classrooms and are perfect for anybody looking for projectors with a bright image, DLP technology and eco-friendly features.

The V260 and V260X are SVGA and XGA models respectively and offer 2600 lumens giving you enough brightness to work in your average meeting room. Both projectors feature BrilliantColor technology. BrilliantColor technology uses advanced video processing as well as the latest Texas Instruments DLP engine in order to deliver more vibrant and realistic colors with richer blacks and a 2,000:1 contrast ratio for more detail. Both projectors also feature an input panel including dual VGA, HDMI and RJ45 inputs as well as an abundance of features that offer complete connectivity and control.

According to Senior Project Manager for Projectors at NEC Display Solutions Rich McPherson, “Designed with the environment in mind, the new V Series projectors offer multiple cost-saving features such as quick start (3 seconds), auto power on via the RGB input connector and direct power-off with no cooling required after shutdown. Additionally, the V260 and V260X offer a filter-free design that will eliminate the hassle and time spent monitoring and changing filters. This is an exceptional benefit to those locations that install a large quantity of projectors.”

Both the V260 and V260X include all the following features:

  • 5000-hour lamp life (in ECO Mode)
  • 3D capabilities
  • Flexible input panel, color-coded and clearly labeled, connectability to  PCs, Blu-ray players and other devices via VGA, HDMI, composite and S-Video
  • Integrated RJ45
  • Power management for auto-turn off after inactivity
  • Creston Roomview
  • Closed captioning
  • 7-Watt internal speaker
  • Built-in wall color correction
  • ECO Mode
  • Virtual remote
  • Carbon savings meter

Both the V260 and V260X ship with a 2-year limited parts and labor warranty and will be available in June 2011. The V260 is expected to sell for $439 with the V260X expected to sell for $548. The lamp is covered for 1 year or 500 hours and education customers can receive an additional year on their warranty. Star Student customers can receive an additional two years.

Source: EON – NEC Display Solutions Expands V Series Projectors to Include Two New Multimedia Models

Ultra Short-Throw Projectors Perfect for Small Meeting Rooms

projector meetingsNot every company has a big, luxurious meeting room with lots of space for lots of people. A lot of companies only have medium-sized or even small meeting rooms that require that a projector be placed only a few feet away from the screen. Casting a large image in a big meeting room is no difficult task. Presenters are able to put the projector as far away from the screen as needed in order to get the best looking picture possible.

However, for companies that are not this fortunate, there is a new generation of short-throw projectors that have adopted the title of ultra short throw, or extremely short throw. These are, obviously, more extreme versions of your standard short throw projectors and can display images as large as 80 inches from a distance of only two feet. This makes them ideal for small meeting rooms.

Another benefit to these projectors is that, due to their closeness to the screen, the presenter can move about a little more without the threat of stepping in front of the projector and casting a shadow on the screen. This eliminates unnecessary distractions and allows people to focus on what you really want them to.

According to Elizabeth Dourley, a researcher and writer for Projector Central, “This past year it’s been all about who puts the ‘short’ in short-throw projectors. Short throws are extremely popular for applications where space is tight, but they also prevent light from hitting a presenter in the face or shadows from obstructing the image.”

Your average extreme short-throw projector requires about one foot of space to produce an adequate image. Compare that to the nearly 8-feet traditional projectors require, and there is quite a difference. Extreme short-throw projectors are making waves in small to medium-sized meeting rooms across the country and are definitely worth it.

Source: eCampus News – Short-throw projectors going ‘extreme’ in education

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