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NEC’s New V300X is Perfect for Classrooms and Meeting Rooms Alike

NEC NP-V300XNEC Display Solutions of America has just released a brand new affordable XGA projector specifically designed with the classroom and the meeting room in mind.

Known as the V300X, which is a part of NEC’s new V Series, this projector is a small, mobile projector that is able to accommodate larger screen sizes and, due to the projector’s 3,000 lumens brightness, is also able to accommodate rooms with a lot of ambient light without sacrificing picture quality or brightness.

The lamp life of the V300X is said to be up to 5,000 hours in “eco mode”. Eco Mode reduces the energy drain on your bulb and also reduces the noise levels so you don’t have a loud, obnoxious fan interrupting your meeting or class. The V300X also automatically switches itself off if it does not detect any incoming signal from any of its inputs.

In addition to conserving energy, the V300X is also designed to save you time. The V300X has a three second quick start function as well as direct power off with no cool-down required. This allows users to pack up and go as soon as they finish with their classroom session or meeting presentation. Plus, the V300X is filter-free so there is absolutely no need to waste your time monitoring or changing filters.

According to Rick McPherson, Product Manager for Projectors at NEC, “The lightweight V300X is ideal for users that require projection on the go, with sufficient features to quickly set up, easily present and swiftly shut down.”

The V300X comes with a lot of powerful technologies that greatly increase functionality without breaking the bank. The Plug and Play setup as well as the BrilliantColor technology are perfect for classroom or meeting room settings and the built-in Crestron Roomview Connected technology is just an added bonus. This is definitely one projector you will want to look into if you need a new device for your meeting room or classroom.

Source: Projector Point – NEC introduces new projector for classrooms and meeting rooms

Projector Rentals
Are Great for Business Meetings

Most business class projectors will do a good job displaying your PowerPoint presentation. If you have a small presentation group, a 2000 lumen LCD projector will be able to produce a nice and clear picture. For larger audiences you should consider a 5000 lumen LCD projector.

Epson PowerLite Pilot Makes Cable Management Simple and Clean

PowerLite PilotEpson has recently announced the PowerLite Pilot Connection and Control Box. This device, as Epson puts it, is a solution that offers extensive control of multimedia sources that are connected to projectors. The PowerLite Pilot gives you the ability to have one convenient place to connect and manage audio and video sources like computers, DVD players, iPods or anything else you want to connect.

In addition to that, Epson is also offering two optional accessories. You can get either a wireless pendant microphone that has an IR receiver module as well as an IR dome sensor. The other accessory you can get is a set of two external speakers which deliver 30 watts of sound with a built-in amplifier. Both of these, like I said, are free when you get the Epson PowerLite Pilot.

The PowerLite Pilot is a box that can be mounted on a wall and has large buttons as well as a cable cover that create a clean, organized look and also help with chaotic cables. The PoweLite Control Box is designed to mount on the wall directly next to the projector screen for easy accessibility.

There are various input and output connections including HDMI, two VGA with corresponding Audio input/output, S-Video with Audio, AUX audio, USB Type A, USB Type B and Record out. The PowerLite Pilot also allows the selection of audio mute and volume adjustment for optional speakers or microphones.

Considering that these devices provide a central point for all source cables to connect, business professionals now have the flexibility to integrate a wide range of multimedia devices into their business meetings that may have been too difficult to do before now. The PowerLite Pilot also has an iPod/Epson interactive pen holder which attaches to the side of the box.

The PowerLite Pilot will be available towards the end of June and should cost around $250. Optional speakers will be available for $150 and the optional wireless microphone can be purchased for $450.

Source: PC Mag – Epson Announces PowerLite Pilot to Manage Projector Cables and Connections

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InFocus’ IN5110 for Web Meetings and Videoconferencing

InFocus IN5110Projectors can do great things in a business meeting. They are able to show off everything you want to communicate to your audience  in a visual presentation so they not only hear it but see it as well. However, finding the right projector for you and your company can be hard. There are so many different brands and styles out there that trying to pick out the perfect one can be a bit overwhelming.

There are a ton of choices out there for you when it comes to high quality business projectors and one such option comes from InFocus. InFocus recently released a new LCD projector specifically designed for business professionals and business meetings.

This new projector is known as the InFocus IN5110 LCD WUXGA. This is one of many LCD projectors from InFocus. It has a native 1920×1200 resolution and is designed to be primarily used for web meetings, videoconferencing and group collaborations.

The IN5110, like most projectors, can be placed on a table top or other hard surface but can also be mounted on the ceiling, which is typical in most meeting settings. This projector uses the same universal ceiling mount that other InFocus projectors use. Some other features include a horizontal and vertical lens shift and a 1.5-3:1 (distance/width) throw ratio.

The IN5110 offers intense flexibility with things like assignable audio inputs, RS232 and RJ45 network controls and AMX Device Discovery. The IN5110 also has a single-lamp design as well as an accessible lamp door making it easy to replace the lens if it burns out or breaks.

If you are in the market for a projector for your business room, you may want to consider the IN5110 from InFocus, you can’t beat a projector that is specifically designed for meetings.

Source: Inavate – InFocus Targets Collaboration With LCD Projector

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