That's no way to hold a Meeting

My Buddy found out too late

He didn’t know he could rent a projector and have it delivered like a pizza. Yes, he could have had a projector delivered right into the conference room with one little phone call. But he just didn’t know about that kind of service.

Everyone was struggling to see. My buddy could have called on a Tech Travel Agent from He just didn’t know he could rent a projector for a fraction of the cost of buying one.

My buddy's presentation didn't have the impact it should have, could have.

Perception is 9/10 of the Sale

That’s me in the background, Brawlin Melgar, way in the back with just a piece of my head showing, I’m relaxed about the technology, it’s working fine.  The projector was hooked up to my laptop and tested by a professional technician. A working projector and laptop combo helps me look professional, helps me keep focused on my presentation.

My projector and laptop are all setup in the conference room by techs thanks to my Tech Travel Agent.

If I come lugging in all this equipment by myself, I look, well…. less than professional.

Now all I bring is my usb drive.  I have minimized my stress. That’s right, I have  everything I need delivered, the laptop and the projector.

Upon my arrival, I insert my usb thumb-drive and off we go in to the wild blue presentation world! Easy, fast, professional…the way I like it.

Hey I have enough to worry about so I let professionals at handle all that computer and projector technology so I can stay focused on my presentation up to the last minute. No plugging in and testing things in front of my client. That can be embarrassing, especially when you can’t get the dang thing to work.

You can contact your own Tech Travel Agent by email,  Toll Free Phone 800-736-8772 or website: Visit Projector Rentals from for more information.

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